San José de Calasanz

ID: 9
Address: Av. La Plata 955
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Origin: France
Builder: Paul Odobey
Model / Serial: /
Movement: Typical Prost's Morbier scheme.
Dials: 4
Escapement: Pin Wheel
Strikes: Hours & quarters Tin-Tan with Saw (3 bells)
Notes: This clock has an aditional counting wheel mounted on the hourly striking system which we don't know certainly what function has, and the general bad state of the machinery doesn't help at all to find it out.
The pilot dial has written in it the word "Valencia", what might indicate the origin of the importer, but this isn't confirmed.
Thanks Daniel Fonlupt for posting information on Odobey.

222 Kb

164 Kb

228 Kb

206 Kb

225 Kb

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