San Ignacio de Loyola

ID: 8
Address: Simón Bolivar 225
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Origin: United Kingdom
Builder: Thwaites & Reed
Model / Serial: /
Date: 1860
Dials: 4
Originally they were only 3, but in a later date, a 4th one was added to the pilot dial.
Escapement: Graham Deadbeat
Pendulum: 2 seconds.
Strikes: Hours & quarters Tin-Tan with Counting Wheel (3 bells)
History: In 1860 it was brought from England to be installed it in the Town Hall, a few years was there until the Town Hall was rebuilt and was transferred to San Ignacio in 1888. There worked until the 1930's. Today is totally lost because of the lack of shame of the Church of Argentina and the National Government.
State: The clock is almost completely dismantled, in a nearly irrepairable condition, the bronce wheels were extracted and probably stolen, also it is posible that a few pieces are in the bottom of the tower, by the way completely inaccesible. The long 2 seconds pendulum is still hanged, but the suspension spring is totally covered with rust, and it will be soon also in the bottom too. The escapement wheel cannot be found. The dials are completelly destroyed. And finally the access to the tower is virtually imposible because the staris are putrid. Unfortunately nobody wants to be in charged of a restauration for this clock. It is a pity that this clock with such an historical importance for Buenos Aires, is in such a condition.
Notes: Unfortunately the flash of my camera refused to work when I was right in the top of the tower, and the photos I took were cut in the middle. The worst part of this is that it is soooo dificult to make them let you climb the tower that I believe I will never have another opportunity to see it.

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