Legislature of Buenos Aires City

(former Concejo Deliberante)

ID: 5
Address: Perú 130
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Origin: Germany
Builder: Weule
Model / Serial: /
Date: 1931
Date of Instalation
Movement: Pillar and plate frames with 3 trains made of casted iron. The plates of the trains are screwed to the main plates.
Dials: 4
One on each wall of the tower. Originally it had a traditional link to the dials but lately it was replaced by a triphasic electrical engine, and they move the hands once a minute, when the clock activates a switch.
Escapement: Graham Deadbeat with Remontoire
Originally it had an Graham escapement with an Egalitè Remontoir but it was lately replaced by a solenoid one synchronized with a mechanical wall clock and presently it is synchronized by an electronic quartz clock.
Pendulum: 1 second.
Strikes: Westminster Carillon (5 bells)
Weights: 3 weights. All with triple pulleys.
State: Presently Alberto N. Selvaggi is incharged of the clock. This one is a wonderful Weüle clock that through its history has suffered an incredible mistreat and just presently is in a relatively "good health". Selvaggi has made every effort to keep it living this time, but the Legislature should give him the opportunity and funds to make a full restoration.
Contact: Thanks Alberto N. Selvaggi !

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