Ft. Sam Houston Quadrangle

ID: 24
Address: Ft. Sam Houston
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Origin: United States
Builder: Seth Thomas
Model / Serial: 16 / Page Ref: 155
Date: 1906
Dials: 4
Escapement: Graham Deadbeat
Strikes: Hours & halves with Counting Wheel (1 bell)
History: One of the best kept secrets in San Antonio, Texas is the Ft. Sam Houston Quadrangle. The complex was constructed in 1879, and has served in many capacities for the United States Army. The Tower in the center was originally used to house a large water tank, but in later years the tank was removed. The Seth Thomas clock in the tower, was installed in 1907, and is still running today. It is weight driven, and must be wound once a week.
State: In the summer of 1998 the clock was completely rebuilt. It was painted "Seth Thomas Green" and no longer sports an unoriginal blue color. New wooden hands were crafted as the originals were almost gone. Entensive structural work was done to the roof and the supports for the bell and hammer mechanism. It is now ticking away and marking the hours as it has for almost 100 years.
Source: http://www.egaida.com/
Contact: Thanks Ed Gaida !

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