St. James Cathedral

ID: 23
Address: 65 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Origin: United Kingdom
Builder: J.W. Benson
Model / Serial: /
Date: 1862
(Installed in 1875)
Movement: Giant Bed Flat.
Measures: 302 x 80 cm
Dials: 4
223 cm of diameter each.
Escapement: Graham Deadbeat with Remontoire
Pendulum: 436 cm
2 seconds temperature compensated (Zinc-Iron tubes).
Strikes: Westminster Carillon (5 bells)
Bells made by Meneely & Sons, Troy, New York
Weights: Carillon Weight: 437 Kg
Time Strikes Weight: 350 Kg
Timing Weight: 235 Kg
History: Complete Description in .PDF 1650Kb

170 Kb

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