Prague Astronomical Clock

ID: 22
Address: Old Downtown
Prague, Praha, Czech Republic
Origin: Czech Republic
Builder: Mikuláš of Kadaò & Jan Ondøejùv (a.k.a. Šindel)
Model / Serial: /
Date: 1410
Movement: Old "Bird Cage" frames.
Dials: 2
In the front of the building, there are two main dials, one is a Full medieval astronommical dial and the other is a calendar. On both sides of the facade there is an ordinary 12 hour dial (added later) with two hands.
Escapement: Unknown
Strikes: No striking system
History: History
Notes: I thought to write something about this clock, but I found an incredible precise source (excerpt from a monograph in fact). To say something, this clock is one of the oldest clocks in the world, and it is in an excelent condition, was saved from the Second World War, and it has been showing us astronomical information for about 6 centuries. Unfortunately we have only information of the outside, but nothing about the interior. If somebody has more information, please help me.

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