Basilica of San Carlos

ID: 2
Address: Quintino Bocayuya 144
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Origin: France
Builder: Prost Frères
Model / Serial: /
Date: Unknown
Movement: Typical Prost's Morbier scheme.
Dials: 4
Escapement: Pin Wheel
Pendulum: 1 cm
Strikes: Hours & halves with Saw (1 bell)
History: Through its history, it has suffered several changes. There is no doubt that the most significative change was the addition of a home-made automatic winding system; that I must accept it isn't very orthodox, but worked quite well and was mounted without damaging not even one wheel of the clock. (In my opinion it should be taken out)
State: Until 1999 a Salesian father was in charged of the clock, and it worked perfectly. Then it was replaced by an electronic clock and presently it is abandoned in the tower.
Notes: Another interesting aspect of this clock is the way the cannons are mounted, that instead of being in the usual way, they stay in their places with an "fixed intermediate cannon". The minutes axel is inside the "fixed intermediate cannon" that is inside the hours cannon.

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