Sagrado Corazón de María

Claret College

ID: 18
Address: Zelarrayán 700
Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Origin: Argentina
Builder: Borneman
Model / Serial: /
Date: 1920
Movement: "Pillar and Plate" frame of 2 trains. Casted Iron.
Dials: 4
Escapement: Graham Deadbeat
Pendulum: 1 Second adjustable on the weight. Axel and weight of iron (5kg)
Strikes: Hours & halves with Counting Wheel (1 bell)
State: Unattended since the 80's. Never ended restoration in the early 90's.
Notes: The drums have a diferencial gears system to mantain the oscilation while winding.

222 Kb

217 Kb

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243 Kb

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