Nuestra Señora de la Merced

Cathedral of Bahía Blanca

ID: 17
Address: Sarmiento 72
Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Origin: France
Builder: Paul Garnier
Model / Serial: /
Date: 1903
Movement: Flat Bed movement.
Dials: 4
Escapement: Pin Wheel
Pendulum: 1 second adjustable on the weight.
Strikes: Hours & quarters Tin-Tan with Counting Wheel (3 bells)
History: The clock was unattended in the late 80's and its conservation was in charged to Andrés Esteban Romero in July 1992 with a full restoartion that ended in April 1994.
Contact: Thanks Andrés Esteban Romero !

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