Bus Station of Bahía Blanca

ID: 16
Address: Brown 1700
Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Origin: France
Builder: Henry-Lepaute
Model / Serial: /
Date: 1922
Movement: Very little Pillar and Plate frames
Dials: 1
Escapement: Pin Wheel
Pendulum: 1 Second adjustable on the weight with axel and weight made of iron, about 5 kg.
Strikes: No striking system
Weights: 1 weight only (50kg) with simple fixed pulley.
History: This building that presently is the Bus Station was formerly the Terminal Station of the Rosario-Bahía Blanca railway.
State: The state of conservation is not bad at all, but we must consider that it is a quite small clock.
Notes: Thanks Philippe Monot for posting information on Henry-Lepaute.

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