South Station of the FCGR

(Ferrocarril General Roca - General Roca Railways)

ID: 15
Address: Av. Gral. Daniel Cerri 750
Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Origin: Undetermined
Builder: Unknown / Desconocido / Desconhecido
Model / Serial: /
Date: 1905
Movement: Little pillar and plate frames
Dials: 1
Escapement: Graham Deadbeat
Pendulum: 1 Second adjustable on the weight.
Strikes: No striking system
Weights: 1 weight only with 4th pulley(Unfortunately it has several pieces of railway brakes to make more weight)
State: Presently the clock is working but in a not very much desirable state of conservation. Some good cleaning and care would do it. the clock is still under the care of the railways.
Notes: Something interesting is that was used as master clock for synchronizing the several electric clocks arround the station. For that purpose it has mounted on the axel of the escapement wheel a contact that switches on once every 30 seconds and used to send an electric pulse to the slave clocks.

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