Culture Affairs Secretary of Buenos Aires

Originaly the building of the "La Prensa" newspaper

ID: 12
Address: Av. de Mayo 575
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Origin: France
Builder: Paul Garnier
Model / Serial: /
Date: 1868
(Date of instalation)
Movement: Flat Bed movement.
Dials: 1
Escapement: Pin Wheel
Pendulum: 1 second adjustable on the weight.
Strikes: Hours & quarters Tin-Tan with Counting Wheel (3 bells)
History: This clock is literally identical to the one at the Bahía Blanca Cathedral.
State: The state of conservation is sincerely bad, oiled too much and grinded by dust. Bells hardly make noise and aren´t synchronised. Its conservation depends on the Buenos Aires Town Hall. Even that, its restoration is an easy task only needing a good clean and care.
Notes: Unfortunately my flash refused to work when I was upstairs and the photos were cut in the middle. The worst thing is that was so difficult to get there that I don´t think I will ever be able to see it again.

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