"Medalla Milagrosa" Chapel

San Vicente de Paul College

ID: 1
Address: Rivadavia 1549
Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Origin: Germany
Builder: Weule
Model / Serial: /
Date: 1927
Date of installation
Movement: Pillar and plate frames with 3 trains made of casted iron. The train plates are screwed to the main plates. All the plates have a thin oiled gold line all through its perimeter.
Dials: 4
Dials of 80 cm (casted iron frames)
Escapement: Graham Deadbeat
Pendulum: 1 second adjustable on the weight (14Kg).
Strikes: Hours & quarters Tin-Tan with Counting Wheel (3 bells)
History: History & Restoration
State: The clock was abandoned in the mid 80's and I began a complete restoration in February 1995 that was finished by Andrés E. Romero.
Currently in a mint condition.
Notes: The original hour striking bell was scratched, so they placed a hammer on the main bell of the church that up to that moment was not connected to the clock.
Contact: Javier Albinarrate

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