Restoration of the "Medalla Milagrosa"
Chapel Tower Clock
Bahía Blanca (Argentina)



During the year 1927, Mrs Victoria Echave de Boussious donates to the vicentin sister Sor Isabel Rubio, founder of the chapel and the "San Vicente de Paul" school, the necessary money to build the tower, the baptistery and other rooms. Also is managed the purchase of a clock for the tower of the chapel.

The 25th of May of 1927, on the commemoration of the May Revolution, the buildings are officially inaugurated. But for then, wasn't even correctly installed the clock.

The 6th of December of 1927, as it is witnessed in the inscription on one of the walls of the tower, it is finished the installation of the last face with its respective transmission.

Since then, the regular working was interrupted in many times, the mistreat and the irresponsible lubrication; together with the dust from Bahía Blanca literally transformed the wheels and gears in files that frayed the pieces.

During mid 80's finally the definitive stop became.

The year 1994 was ending when I decided to ask for permission to raise the tower and take some photographs to the mechanism. I felt such a pity by such a noble machine that I began to find up as much information and contacts as possible to resolve the problem.

Then with the support of Andrés Esteban Romero I offered myself to clean and put again to work the clock.

The 27th of February of 1995 I extracted and numbered the first piece, the counter wheel.

Since then 7 months of hard work went across, and for the 25th of September of 1995 the bells were already banging and the pulchritude returned to the wheels nest of the distribution.

Since then up to middle 1999 the rhythm of the work went down mainly because of the constant fight against the rust in the faces.

Finally due to my change of residence abroad, in July of 1999 I offered to Andrés Esteban Romero (Who was in charged of the bright restoration of the tower clock of the Cathedral of Bahía Blanca), to finish the work. Since then, he is in charged of the work.

I hope that all the time I dedicated would have helped to keep those wondeful monuments to the human cleverness.

Aldo Javier Albinarrate


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